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May 2005
"Lombard Street"
Posted by sabine7 Painting | May 14, 2005

John Kraft is a California painter whose vibrant colours and thick black outlines are somewhat reminiscent of one of his influences, Keith Haring. Kraft works with acrylics on wood, first painting a complimentary colour version of the top (or final) layer in order to provide more depth to the picture. At first glance Lombard Street is an abstraction of cheerful, yet static, geometric shapes, but once the eyes focus on the grouping as one unit, the black outlines give way to a warmer neighbourhood feel.

Artist: John Kraft
+ johnkraft.com

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Posted by sabine7 Painting | May 13, 2005

Ryan Steadman uses the stark backdrops of sharp-edged urban buildings to isolate the small-scale human dramas of the quotidian. Steadman's background apartment towers are flat and modernist, looming large behind the tiny expressionist figures that people his scenes.
The three paintings featured here are a colourful take on communicating, or making connections, in the concrete jungle. Some of his previous works portray his characters on their own - smoking quietly, climbing out of their scene or flashing the unseen eyes of the night.

Artist: Ryan Steadman
+ baumgartnergallery.com
+ ohtgallery.com

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Posted by sabine7 Prints | May 12, 2005

Couples is a lithograph by Louise Bourgeois, a renowned sculptor and printmaker whose recent graphic works from the last fifteen years were subject of an exhibition held last month at the Marlborough in London. The flowing hair can be construed as wings, but not the standard issue white of angels. No, these are of the same red to be found on those high heels. And three wings, not four - where can this uneven number lead? Methinks the snakelike spirals may provide a clue.

Artist: Louise Bourgeois
+ marlboroughfineart.com

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"Still Life With Living Room"
Posted by sabine7 Digital | May 11, 2005

Marija Marosevic is a Croatian illustrator whose digital art combines the harshness of worlds real and imagined with a palatable softness. Her studies of anatomy are incisive and her landscapes haunted by the presence of ravens. Still Life With Living Room is a more whimsical piece, while one can practically sense the barometric pressure that surrounds another picture called Dead Auditorium. The Wastelands of Babylonia is quite atmospheric, but behind these pictures lurk others that are perhaps darker, and yet even more descriptive.

Artist: Marija Marosevic
+ regnum-obscuri.org

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"Personal Installation"
Posted by sabine7 Installation | May 10, 2005

For his project Personal Installation Manfred Gruebl used groups of eight men dressed in the all black “uniform” of typical urban gallery-goers to pose motionless amongst the crowds of attendees at three public functions. Only once the crowds thinned out at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, the Saatchi Gallery in London and the lobby of the Lincoln Center in NY could the installation be taken for such. In Berlin the constellation took on an even more architectural feel as part of the group was posted outside the building, but still in eye contact with the rest, through the glass façade. The viewer becomes part of the installation, an ever-changing work as visitors move through the space. An interesting way to counteract the buzz that surrounds this sort of crowd scene and certainly a thought-provoking way to examine one’s own use of personal space and public conduct.

Artist: Manfred Gruebl
+ gruebl.org

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Posted by sabine7 Painting | May 9, 2005

Andrew Valko is a realist painter whose new series of works involves paintings within paintings, often billboards or drive-in screens of shots from old Hollywood thrillers which loom over darkened outdoor scenes. There is something mysterious imparted by these scenes, leaving the viewer feeling a little voyeuristic. Valko often works on wood, carving into it to create texture in order to reinforce the picture. A student of Japanese wood block printing, Valko uses printmaking techniques while working with acrylics.

Artist: Andrew Valko
+ douglasudellgallery.com

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"Pink Candy Floss"
Posted by sabine7 Photography | May 8, 2005

Kelly Wood is a photographer known for her Continuous Garbage Project, a five-year photo essay depicting the artist’s own garbage neatly packaged against a studio backdrop. Prior to this huge project (prompted by a Vancouver garbage strike), Wood’s subjects were often on the food front. Her studies of treats such as cakes, cupcakes and jawbreakers also include a limited edition donut hole. And as for the cotton candy? Well, without a title, this could be construed as insulation or some sort of sleeping pig.

Artist: Kelly Wood
+ www3.telus.net

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Oct 4, 2009

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2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_respect.jpg
Respect the Old School by Glueglue Design
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_seagulls.jpg
New from Irina Blok
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_dailycomm.jpg
Daily Commuter Necklace by Supermandolini
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_williamson.jpg
Girl by Margaux Williamson
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_tdw.jpg
Tokyo Design Week 2007
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_brodie.jpg
Seating for the times: the @chair by Brodie Neill.
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_woodruff.jpg
Dakinis II by Suzan Woodruff
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_bat.jpg
Art. Lebedev’s bats: hauntingly cool clothespins.
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_patent.jpg
Leslie Tarbell Donovan’s Patent Pendant
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_jordan.jpg
Running the Numbers by Chris Jordan
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_warhol.jpg
The Life and Death of Andy Warhol by Victor Bokris
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_kipul.jpg
Hila Rawet’s folded Kipul 5 necklace
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_lomographic.jpg
White Stripes edition camera from the Lomographic Society
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_shiels.jpg
Doll Face 6 by Darlene Shiels
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_mth.jpg
Marie Torbensdatter Hermann’s porcelain.
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_winnielui.jpg
Winnie Lui's chandelier at London Design Week
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_speakers.jpg
A rainbow of speakers by Urban Fidelity.
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_snowtone.jpg
Snowtone’s wastepaper basket: great for magazine reading in the bathroom.
2nd_column_separator.jpg notes_moomin.jpg
Moomin: The Complete Tove Janssen Comic Strip

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