Empire Peaks by Michael Leavitt
by sabine7 / January 14, 2014

Michael Leavitt combines celebrities from the world of pop culture and current events with Star Wars characters to create a series of sculptures called Empire Peaks. Hero worship or the quest for collectibles? It's a definite mash-up.

In the artist's words: "With Baby Boomer parents, GenXers nursed on commercial enterprises and bucolic, nuclear comforts. We learned to want cheap plastic objects and fed on our parents' generational guilt. In a culture of learned consumerism, buying toys was our new medium of love. Empire Peaks fulfills the gluttony of a generation. Capitalism fills desire and demand. Culture, for better or worse, thrives under growth. From religious redemption to material objects, mass coveting is the driving force. Whether political, intellectual or cultural, figurehead stars guide the rise and fall of respective dynasties. Some empires begin with a protest or rebellion. Many are built by greed and ambition. These same forces cause empires to topple. Power corrupts. Rebellion becomes conformity. One empire falls. Another rises to repeat the mistakes of its predecessor. Antiquity replaces modernity and the cycle continues."

Artist: Michael Leavitt
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