Pearl Lam at KIAF/13
by sabine7 / September 30, 2013

Hong Kong's Pearl Lam Galleries is exhibiting for the first time at the Korea International Art Fair with a strong line-up of artists from Great Britain, the United States and China. Jason Martin, Jim Lambie, Michael Wilkinson, Juju Sun, Su Xiaobai, Yinghua and Zhu Jinshi are represented in this show, which includes a juxtaposition of Western and Asian abstract painting, sculptural work, etched mirrors and other mixed media. Shown above is Metal Box (Istanbul) by Jim Lambie.

Artist: various

Zhu Jinshi - Transcribing the Buddhist Diamond Sutra 3

Su Xiaobai - Concave - Green Sash (2012)

Juju Sun - No. 1320

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