Swim Team by Greg Lotus
by sabine7 / September 23, 2013

Currently at Robin Rice is an exhibition of glamour photography by Greg Lotus: "Drawing inspiration from classical paintings and geometric forms, Greg Lotus' work has been compared to Herb Ritts, Man Ray and Richard Avedon, and his exhibition fuses his high fashion background with the rural environment of his youth. Yet Lotus admits to no formal training throughout his career, "I'm completely self-taught, lots of trial and error over the years."

His foray into fashion photography was a twist of fate. In the 90s he was sharing living quarters with young models, and began photographing them to help them build their portfolios--work that eventually brought his work to the attention of agencies. When it comes to his own models, Lotus prefers the "unspoiled" types, holding castings to find those with quirk as well as beauty."

Artist: Greg Lotus
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Greg Lotus' first exhibition at the Robin Rice Gallery in New York runs through October 27, 2013.
Walking the Piglet

Beach Ball


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