and then some ... by Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers
by sabine7 / February 6, 2013

An embarrassment of riches is the title of the latest exhibition of work by Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers, a reference to our consumer culture. The pair creates work that is so highly finished, it is almost as though its handmade nature is erased and the connection to luxury goods intensified. The excess filling from the lemon wafer cookie (detail, above) drips out and turns to 23-karat gold in the process. Wooden calipers measure up nature in for all it's worth (after the jump), comparing a manicured bonsai tree to a stack of chopped wood, a contrast in values.

Artist: Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers

An embarrassment of riches runs through February 16, 2013 at Dean Project in New York.

and then some ...

for all it's worth

for all it's worth (detail)

for all it's worth (detail)

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