Pthalo by Nate Frizzell
by sabine7 / January 23, 2013

Spectrum, Nate Frizzell's new body of work, consists of oil paintings that represent the various colours of his palette. Each painting expresses the nature of a single colour. Through his gallery, LeBasse Projects, Frizzell suggests: "For this show, aside from wanting to develop a cohesive body of work on a larger scale, I wanted to see what I'm able to do with the space and see how size can affect the subject matter and how I am able to represent it. I have always used a very limited palette and I wanted to sort of tell the story of each color that I use and explore what they mean traditionally as well as the feelings they evoke in me. I wanted each painting to have an obvious focus on a single color, but have all the other colors incorporated as well. While one is the star, it's not complete without the others."

Artist: Nate Frizzell

Spectrum runs through February 2, 2013 at LeBasse Projects in Culver City.




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