Introducing Art Week 2012
by sabine7 / August 25, 2012

Art Week 2012 is all about the artists. Going beyond the work is a joy. Artists have a particular sort of intellect and energy that refreshes and motivates, and never leaves us quite satiated. Our featured artist is Eric Chan (eepmon); as co-curator of the week, he brings us a round-up of multidisciplinary artists who inspire him in a series of delightfully in-depth interviews. Other artists have been equally generous; they've shared their work, thoughts and studios with us, made some statements, and summed up this time of year. Sometimes we need a few words to go along with the pictures, so we also share a few recent art reads that have become favourites. So enjoy, but make sure you make room for the art and the artists not just this week, but all year long.

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