Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill and Verlyn Klinkenborg
by sabine7 / August 23, 2012

Connecticut artist Bryan Nash Gill pares the art of the woodcut down to what must be one of its purest forms. Gill creates large-scale prints from the cross sections of trees such as ash, maple, spruce, locust and willow. The fallen logs are often culled from the land around his home and his studio. The tree rings are, thus, carefully preserved, making the transition from tree to paper. Gill captures the intricacies of the grain, highlighting the textures and revealing the character of the individual trees. Even logs split for heating his home may play a part in this body of work. Prints of one cross section can sometimes span a period of time and all the changes this may entail. A very interesting section is a tidy and easy to follow explanation of Gill's process. The book is simple and elegant, reminding us of how nature can serve as a wonderful source of inspiration and materials. What nature prints will you attempt?

Hardback, 128 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2012. $19.77 at Amazon

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