Studio Visit: Logan Hicks
by sabine7 / August 22, 2012

New York artist Logan Hicks uses layers of stencils to create murals and smaller pieces of work that reflect "the dynamics of the urban environment". Originally a screenprinter, Logan now uses spray paint to focus on the world of the city streets. Today he takes us inside to his studio to give us a taste of his medium... And make us very envious of his tidy-up skills.

Logan tells us, "My studio is located in the East Williamsburg Industrial park. I like it over here because it's grimey. Nice and dirty, pure industrial. I use tons of spraypaint and work with wood quite a bit, so it's not an easy medium to live with. Here i can spray to my hearts content and not worry about pissing people off or gassing them to death with the fumes.
This is a temporary studio space, as I am looking to take on more studio space. Ideally I'd like to have between 1000 and 2000 sq ft. Currently I only have 500, which is the bare minimum for the work that I do. My studio consists of two rooms. My spray out room, and the computer room. I do all the dirty work in the spray out room. This is where i cut wood, spray stencils, seal and shellac the artwork, and sand. The computer room is for storage, design, and any other clean process."


Safety first! Plenty of respirators around the studio. Paint fumes will take a few IQ points off of you if you don't protect yourself.


Dewalt art makers. One of the few brands that I have loyalty towards.


With nearly 400 cans of pant, organization is crucial. Here is half of the paint that I have. The rest is stored throughout the studio under tables, on shelves, behind other containers of paint, etc.


From inside the sprayout booth.


I make my own frames. Here is my collection of spring clamps, corner joiners, c-clamps, glue, tape and other necessities.


I use all different brands of paint as long as it dries flat. Rustoleum Metallics the on my favorite list.


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