Making a Statement: Brandi Brooks
by sabine7 / August 23, 2012

Abstract artist Brandi Brooks currently has a show on at Ligne Roset in San Francisco and for this particular show, she feels that this part of her artist's statement is the most relevant:

"A lot of my work explores the concept of impermanence. I like using sequins because over time they'll come off the canvas like leaves from a tree. I often add graffiti-like layers over old paintings to give them a new life."

Any of my paintings that have '2.0' or '3.0' at the end of the name are complete reworks of an earlier piece. When a finished painting sits around my studio too long, something about it will start to bug me. Even pieces that I really really like have a shelf life. So some days I just grab a finished piece and throw it back onto the easel for a complete make-over. In some cases, I save almost nothing from the original piece but the texture and color palette. Other times I highlight parts of the piece that I like. I use a lot of Krink's graffiti markers and graffiti paints during the rework process. It's very freeing.

See the before and after versions after the jump.


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Need Advice Constructing Giant Brain


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My Prints are on This


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