Mid-August POV: Mario Sughi
by sabine7 / August 21, 2012

Mario Sughi tells us about this summer in Dublin, soon to come to end:

"Unfortunately though, at least since April/May, it has been raining. More rain than usual. So in other words it was just a beautiful Irish summer (see image after the jump).

Everything out there, in the fields, is still perfectly green! I am joking a bit, but to be honest we haven't seen much sun this year at all! Let's hope for another summer so!

As in winter I do quite a lot of works with girls in heavy coats, etc., in the summertime I like to depict people on the beaches and swimming pools. So Le Sportifs (above) and Bath (after the jump) both point to the summer that is coming to an end.

Milan Kundera says somewhere in his books, "Life is a collection of missed opportunities." Now I think that can be true for everything that comes to an end. Including our summers! And this is a bit of the irony and melancholy of these two drawings."


Still a Beautiful Irish Summer

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