Sesame Street by Seventh Letter & Neff Headwear
by sabine7 / April 30, 2012

Sesame Street, an oldie but a goodie, was the featured theme of a benefit exhibition with works by a whole slew of artists including Aaron De La Cruz, Amanda Lynn, Anthony Lister, Askew, Augustine Kofie, Axis, Carlos Donjuan, Dabs & Myla, Dame, Danny D, Eric Dressen, Evol, Franco Vescovi, George Thompson, Haeler, Honkey Kong, Jaime Oliver, Jasper Wong, Jeff McMillan, Joe King, Kelsey Brookes, Leo Eguiarte, Les Schettkoe, Madsteez, Manny Sayes, Mambo, Mark Dean Veca, Matt Nichols, Mr. Cartoon, Munk One, Nate Van Dyke, Norm, OG Abel, Patrick Martinez, Persue, Pose, Push, Revok, Rime aka Jersey Joe, Samuel Rodriguez, Sage Vaughn, Sever, Slick, Stash, Steel, Todd Bratrud, Trevelen, Victor Reyes...

Artists: various

The fundraiser for the City of Hope's Department of Pediatrics took place at known Gallery in Los Angeles.




Photos: Jon Lake

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