Gag - TV Dinner by Carmela Laganse
by sabine7 / April 4, 2012

Gag is a recent body of work by Montreal artist Carmela Laganse with an unusual focus: vomiting. In the artist's own words, "Vomiting can be result of a variety of ritual-like transformative passages such as pregnancy, excessive drinking, extreme emotion, or illness. Although often perceived as disgusting, painful, or shameful, vomiting is an equalizing and shared human experience that can temporarily prompt psychological and physical seclusion...a type of self-centeredness.

Artist: Carmela Laganse

In Vain

Gag (...) consists of "Levitate me", "In Vain", and "TV Dinner". They are facilities built for the act of vomiting and reference 1950's visual culture. This work proposes and considers relationships between idealism, hyphenated function, and personal displacement (physical and/or mental) through the abject.

Levitate me

The objects are made of vinyl, chrome, and ceramic appropriating the two-toned palette of furniture and appliance of the 1950's. These materials and form contain the memory of a time associated in North American culture with the postwar progress, surging affluence, western idealism, modernism, and the perfect domestic life -- all of which have impacted and directed the behaviours of our current cultures.

In the context of world hunger, lack of basic human rights, and the child sex trade, among many other issues, consuming the right fats and coordinating an earlier workout to get home in time to watch The Office seems indulgent. Gag reflects my personal struggle with the ridiculousness of first world "problems"."

Gag is part of a group show entitled Vessels, Flasks, Bottles & Basins at the Strathcona Gallery @501in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

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