RHINO by Davis Murphy
by sabine7 / January 25, 2012

Life-sized resin rhinos appear to roam the winter beach of Montauk, New York, in the form of sculptures by Davis Murphy. Some of the 12-foot long rhinos are painted, while others are translucent. All are imposing. Shot against the drama of the waves by Dalton Portella, the rhinos own the beach. "They are an extreme example of sculptural form," says Murphy, "expressing sheer weight and muscularity. It goes back to my love of tire marks on barriers on the highway, you feel the 5 tons of power behind it. While researching the mass poaching in Africa, I was floored by the annihilation and finality the images offered. It was hard to look at them. Dalton's photos express that possible total loss."

Artist: Davis Murphy
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All photos - Dalton Portella


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