Mancha by Jordi Alfaro
by sabine7 / August 9, 2011

Convex, ceramic disks that are as bold as they are delicate are recent wall sculptures by Montreal-based artist Jordi Alfaro. Hues range from soft to vivid, all beguiling through the curved form of the series. Alfaro explains his metier, "Growing up in Barcelona, I was surrounded by a landscape that included the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean, and the architecture of Gaudi. My father, an inventor of machines, indirectly introduced me to ceramics through his business with various brick factories in Europe and South America. I became enamored with the responsive quality of clay; I have been a sculptor as long as I can remember." His wish is that the disks impart the same sensations in viewer as they do in him. "The simple lines and shapes of my pieces ground me. I hope that the observer may appreciate and feel without words the powerful tranquility that creating the work brings me."

Artist: Jordi Alfaro

Work by Jordi Alfaro is currently on display at David Kaye Gallery in Toronto and Mysteria Gallery in Regina.



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