Tenement by Sonya Blesofsky
by sabine7 / May 11, 2011

Through the fragility of paper sculpture, Sonya Blesofsky brings the architectural details of the tenement to life. An investigation into impermanence, instability, community and history, Tenement is an exhibition of sculptures crafted from tape, paper, foil and wax - the fragility of the materials a testament to the degradation that communities must face if not tended. Blesofsky based her research on buildings in New York City, where ornamentation on the outside often hides housing code infractions. Inside, it is easier to spot the exposed plumbing, rat traps and jerry-rigged wiring that violate the same codes. A sense of urgency is present, but an odd beauty - possibly the embodiment of survival - lingers on.

Artist: Sonya Blesofsky
+ mixedgreens.com

Tenement runs through June 11, 2011 at Mixed Greens in New York.





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