Playground Love by Meryl Pataky
by sabine7 / March 28, 2011

Personal narrative forms the basis of installation work by Meryl Pataky, who works with materials such as glass tubing, steel, neon, argon and mercury to create striking pieces of art with a message. Swings are a recurring theme in Pataky's oeuvre: those in Playground Love are a reflection of childhood and our initial co-ed experiences. The steel used in Meditation No.1 represents the outside world that can weigh heavily until we are able to press our own "restart buttons" and light up again.

Artist: Meryl Pataky

Meryl Pataky's work will be shown in Momentum, the inaugural exhibition held at LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown from April 9 - 30, 2011 at the new LeBasse Projects space in Los Angeles.

Playground Love

Meditation No.1

The Swing of Things

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