Plexus Series by Gabriel Dawe
by sabine7 / November 1, 2010

Gabriel Dawe's large-scale thread installations are intricate web-like environments that are bold and delicate at the same time. The Plexus series of site-specific installations are a reflection of our need for shelter. Dawe explains the concept best, "Among numerous other reasons, we use clothing to protect ourselves from the elements. Similarly, one of the functions of architecture is to safeguard us from the inclemency of the weather. In taking the main component of clothing--sewing thread--and generating an architectural structure, scale and material are reversed to create a new construction that no longer shelters the material needs of the body, but instead creates something that is symbolic of the non-physical structures humanity needs to survive as a species."

Artist: Gabriel Dawe

Plexus 4

Plexus 2

Plexus 3

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