Les Jardins by Arne Quinze
by sabine7 / July 6, 2010

Not only has Arne Quinze played an important role in the public art segment of the summer festival Rouen Impressionnée with Camille, the wooden structure that spans the Boieldieu bridge, but he has painted a series of modern impressions inspired by Claude Monet and the water lilies of Giverny. These re-interpretations of the peacefulness of Monet's gardens come to us through the movement of Quinze's strokes and splatters. The thirty new canvases are on exhibition in the impressive space of the L'Abbatiale de Saint-Ouen.

Artist: Arne Quinze
+ arnequinze-camille.fr
+ arnequinze.tv

The exhibition takes place at the Abbatiale Saint-Ouen in Rouen through August 29, 2010.






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