Carry Me: 1950's Lucite Purses, An American Fashion by Janice Berkson
by sabine7 / July 4, 2010

I stumbled across what appeared to be a candy store in New York several years ago, but upon a closer look the candy revealed itself to be fabulous mid-century Lucite handbags. Bigger than bonbons, but just as tempting, these handbags are true works of art. Curated by collector and expert Janice Berkson, the handbags sit coquettishly upon their shelves at Deco Jewels in SoHo. Berkson recently finished Carry Me: 1950's Lucite Purses, An American Fashion, a book detailing this special niche of collectibles, and the full-colour photography only makes us drool for more. Collecting vintage Lucite handbags can be a pricey hobby, but this book of wrist candy might keep costs down.

Hardcover, 206 pages. Antique Collectors' Club, 2009, $36.19 at Amazon.

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