Chandelier Black by Lorraine Peltz
by sabine7 / April 6, 2010

It almost seems as though Lorraine Peltz's chandeliers are going through a period of introspection. Bigger and lusher than ever, they fill the canvas. What is different now is that they are layered. Are these layers of memories, slowly becoming less distinct? Colours are, in some cases, more muted, but still reflect a femininity that is comfortingly familiar. Each painting evokes a different mood, but the many crystals encourage dangling moments of self-reflection. Having observed the evolution of this Chicago artist's work over the past few years, we cannot help but wonder what is next.

Artist: Lorraine Peltz

New work by Lorraine Peltz is on exhibition at the Micäela Gallery in San Francisco until May 1, 2010.

Chandelier Black

Chandelier Red

Chandelier Gold

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