Red Plastic Plates by Ann Toebbe
by sabine7 / March 9, 2010

Ann Toebbe was brought up in the Midwest, but it was only once she moved to the East Coast that she became aware of the aesthetics of her childhood. This piece is made from cut paper that Toebbe paints by hand and then combines to create the composition and is a salute to a familiar Midwestern style.
"Red Plastic Plates captures the humor of the culture clash I sometimes feel when I introduce new people to my family. My husband and step-son were visiting my parent's home in Cincinnati for the first time and my mother, to my horror, insisted on serving dinner in the dining room on red plastic plates with plastic cups, plastic silverware, and paper napkins. I love my mother and can now thank her for creating the image for Red Plastic Plates."

Artist: Ann Toebbe

Red Plastic Plates

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