Fragmented Cities, Santa Catarina 2008 by Alejandro Cartagena
by sabine7 / March 8, 2010

Hey, Hot Shot! 2009 Second Edition is an exhibition at the Jen Bekman Gallery featuring fifteen works from five photographers: Marisa Aragona, Leah Tepper Byrne, Alejandro Cartagena, Jessica Eaton, and Justin James King. Mexican suburban development is the focus of work by Cartagena where shiny sprawl cuts a swathe through the landscape. Our perception of landscape is what drives Justin James King to avoid the usual archetypes. And Byrne takes a look at The Children's Village, a residential treatment centre and alternative-to-incarceration site where the boys there are "caught in the middle in more ways than one; they are neither free nor in jail, no longer children but not quite adults." A fine and varied collection of work.

Artist: various

Hey, Hot Shot! runs through March 20, 2010 at Jen Bekman Gallery in new York.

And Still We Gather With Infinite Momentum 2, 2009 by Justin James King

Untitled by Leah Byrne

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