If Cherries Were Raindrops by Dustin Yellin
by sabine7 / March 10, 2010

Dustin Yellin's new sculptures of vivisectionary resin, ink, glass and acrylic will be part of Eden Disorder, an exhibition opening next week. Here's what to expect: "The crux of Yellin's sculpture is pure contradiction: the objects don't exist. Despite what the eye thinks it sees, it's simply not there. No tree, no skull, no branch, no bone. Focus on the front plane and there is no denying the intricate depths of twisting color--although what you see may indeed look like no living thing you've seen before. Walk around to the side and it becomes clear that what you see is not what you thought--the images disappear. Yellin's convoluted brain-children are layered ink and acrylic drawings, frozen in layers of resin or glass, flattened out and brought to full size."

Artist: Dustin Yellin
+ samuelfreeman.com

Eden Disorder runs from March 20 through May 1, 2010 at Samuel Freeman in Santa Monica, California.

Untitled (Red Tree)

If Cherries Were Raindrops

Joey in the Box


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