Self-Portrait by Damien Hirst
by sabine7 / January 13, 2010

Opening at the end of the week is FYI - The Reflected Gaze - Self Portraiture Today, a group exhibition of work by several prominent artists of the day. The works on display are self-portraits, a reflection of contemporary art in its many forms (Chuck Close is depicted in a tapestry, KAWS in a series of bronze busts, and Damien Hirst by the seemingly obligatory skull). In addition to marking time and place, the self-portrait reveals some mystery and places the viewer in a conversation with the artist. The works of art shown in this exhibition cover a wide range of media and styles; the Torrance Art Museum website is indicative of a strong show.

Artists: various

FYI - The Reflected Gaze - Self Portraiture Today opens January 16 at the Torrance Art Museum in Torrance, CA and runs through February 20, 2010.

Permanent Thirty-Three - KAWS

Justin Bower

Self-Portrait/Five Part, State II - Chuck Close tapestry

Damien Hirst

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