Explosion by Gregory Jacobsen
by sabine7 / January 5, 2010

If new work by Gregory Jacobsen isn't a reminder of the excesses of the holidays, we don't know what is. The paintings are from Jacobsen's botanical heaps series: "still life bouquets composed of such disparate elements as meat and muscle tissue, wigs, secreting organs, petits-fours, flora, fauna and various food stuffs, set in romantic landscapes, tenderly gathered into bundles and tied with flowing ribbons."

Artist: Gregory Jacobsen
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Prostrate, a show of new work by Gregory Jacobsen, runs from January 8 through February 20, 2010 at Zg Gallery in Chicago.


"Jacobsen's work continues to take root where schadenfreude meets Sigmund Freud. As he delights in the spectacle of failure and the triumph of the id, his work is inspired by what he views as the ridiculousness and uselessness of human vanity, frailty and sexuality. He wallows in the nightmare of aging, disease, deformities and perversions, as he lovingly delineates every wrinkle, mutation and hair-sprouting mole of the unique individuals that inhabit his work."

Squirming Pile

Autumn PiƱata


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