"Foundation of Pre-empted Lingering" by Edwin Ushiro
by sabine7 / September 17, 2009

Edwin Ushiro's new work continues the theme of memory and the past, as the artist draws upon his own experiences of adolescence. Ushiro combines fixtures from his youth with the ghost stories that stayed with him to create richly layered compositions of ink, graphite, iron transfers, fabric and acrylic paint. The use of such materials allows Ushiro to adopt a style that brings the past to life, with just the right dose of nostalgic feeling.

Artist: Edwin Ushiro
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Softly Encompassing the Womb,a solo exhibition by Edwin Ushiro, runs through October 3, 2009 at LeBasse Projects in Culver City.

After It's Given All You Wanted

Softly Encompassing the Womb


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