"Beneath the Surface" by Dan Baldwin
by sabine7 / September 16, 2009

Layers of imagery reflect chaos and a loss of innocence in a new body of work by Dan Baldwin. Mixed media pieces on canvas are a combination of found objects, screen prints, acrylic and spray paint, as well as skate graphics, storybook illustrations and more sinister images. Traditional symbols such as flowers, skulls, birds and rotting fruit represent life and death in a modern context. Disillusion, the name of Baldwin's current exhibition, is a mix of violence, crisis and the edge of the precipice. Also in the show is a selection of ceramic vases.

Artist: Dan Baldwin
+ carmichaelgallery.com

Disillusion runs through October 1, 2009 at the Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles.

Halfway Between The Gates Of Hell And The Garden Of Eden

Dead Innocent


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