Jeff Koons
by sabine7 / May 31, 2009

"My work is a support system for people to feel good about themselves." Taschen's Jeff Koons, with essays by Eckhard Schneider, Ingrid Sischy and Katy Siegel and edited by Hans Werner Holzwarth, is an in-depth study of Koons' oeuvre to date. This volume, a trilingual edition in English, German and French, starts with Koons' inflatable flowers and takes the viewer/reader through Pre-New, The New, Equilibrium, Luxury and Degradation, Statuary, Kiepenkerl, Banality, Made in Heaven, Puppy, Celebration, Easyfun, Easyfun Ethereal, Popeye and Hulk Elvis. This book is almost 600 pages of the life, times and work of Jeff Koons. If you are a fan, this book is for you.

Hardcover, 592 pages. Taschen, 2009. $44.10 at Amazon.

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