"Stump Girl, Conifer Girl, Bush Girl"
by sabine7 / November 26, 2007
Laura Ford’s trio of bronze wood nymphs wears shiny red Mary Janes and certainly does not fit into the traditional sprite mould. Ford was propelled by the idea of incorporating sculpture into landscape and ended up doing the opposite as well when she created Stump Girl, a tree stump with little girl legs. Conifer Girl and Bush Girl joined her, and this little clique sparks a range of reaction. Are they really trees, or elements of nature? Are they watching us wreak havoc? Are they girls hiding? If so, why? Are they funny? Creepy? Is there subversion at play? What kind? Amazing what a set of gams and a nice pair of shoes can provoke. (And the plain truth is, no questions asked: this trio is one of my favorite pieces of public art ever.)

Artist: Laura Ford
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