Meat Factory: A Few Questions for Tithi Kutchamuch
by sabine7 / October 4, 2007
Tithi Kutchamuch is a London-based designer who has a lot of interesting ideas. The chicken drumstick was her favorite type of meat when she was a little girl and because there were only two, she grasped how special they were and tried hard to earn them. Contrast this to the Styrofoam trays of drumsticks we can purchase at the supermarket today. When we saw the dog coat imprinted with the various cuts of beef (and then applied to a stuffed toy!), we knew this artist and designer had something important to say.

Can you tell us more about your Meat Factory project?

This project also about our consumption system, we treat everything the
same, everything available in the market.
I looked back when I was a child when I felt how valuable of my beloved
drumstick from the whole chicken at our weekend dinner. It can't compare
with today when I just go to fast food store around the corner and order
10 drumsticks.

In what format are your ideas for this project portrayed?

It's a statement; I want to say we're treating life in same way as a pack
of crisps. I'm not against eating meat, but should we give it more respect?

What are you trying to portray with your dog "coat", or your stuffed
animal "cape"?

Dog coat is a part of my experiment to see people reaction if I treat
their beloved pets as products as well.

How do people react to your many-legged chicken?

Some people do understand what I want to say, some people thought of GMO
food or look at it as funny packaging. But it does make people stop and think.

More Tithi today at MoCo Loco.

Artist: Tithi Kutchamuch


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