"Punch Drunk"
by sabine7 / September 17, 2007
Lorraine Peltz’s new works are in a show entitled Chandeliers, Starbursts, etc., the very subject matter that the paintings cover. However, there is more to Peltz’s work that what appears on the surface. The viewer is certainly taken with the pretty pictures of chandeliers and floral starburst dotted with domestic moments, but as the artist mixes these easily recognizable images with underlying abstraction, one must come to see the contrast between reality and what the artist offers. Peltz quite handily continues her tradition of feminine discourse.

Artist: Lorraine Peltz
+ lorrainepeltz.com

Lorraine Peltz is showing new work at the Gosia Koscielak Gallery in Chicago from now through October 3.

Orange Crush
Mentholated Daydream


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