Ice Cream: Contemporary Art in Culture
by sabine7 / July 29, 2007
ICE CREAM: CONTEMPORARY ART IN CULTURE is a compendium of works by 100 emerging contemporary artists chosen by 10 of the world’s leading curators. Previous editions of this Phaidon volume featured selections that were right on the money. Each curator, from such institutions as Whitney and the Wrong Gallery, at the Tate Modern, chooses 10 artists who have not been part of any exhibitions in major venues, but have had solo shows and garnered some exposure. Each artist is featured in a four-page spread, which includes examples of their work, a bibliography, a list of exhibitions and comments by the curator who made the choice. Ice Cream is nicely put-together reference work that provides a useful overview.

Hardcover, 448 pages. Phaidon, 2007. $44.07 at Amazon.

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