"Sarah Asturias"
by sabine7 / July 31, 2007
Eva and Franco Mattes, otherwise known as 0100101110101101.org, are no strangers to a change of identity. The pair of art pranksters and hacktivists has been working behind pseudonyms for a while, so choosing to focus on portraits of cyber space personalities for a recent series is not too unusual. The Matteses highlight their choice of the 13 Most Beautiful Avatars they met on the Second Life on-line community and created portraits. The whole concept begs a variety of thoughts and questions, but the one that jumps out from among all the loftier ones is simply, how beautiful would MY avatar be?

Artists: Eva + Franco Mattes
+ 0100101110101101.org

Kate Colo


Harpo Jedburgh


http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/004328.php http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/004321.php
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