"La Chute"
by sabine7 / July 10, 2007
Denis Darzacq’s series La Chute depicts a view of Paris after the riots of 2005, where one has to learn to be in control of the trajectory. Darzacq captures a demographic in freefall, to represent a generation that is either ignored or worthy of the wrong sort of attention. To find the young people he needed for his shots, set against the shuttered ground floors of what could be so many European suburbs, the photographer became a regular at hip-hop and break-dancing shows on the streets of Paris. The Fall won this year’s World Press Photo prize in the category of arts and entertainment.

More work by Denis Darzacq tomorrow.

Artist: Denis Darzacq
+ arts.guardian.co.uk

La Chute 09
La Chute 13


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