"Juju 1"
by sabine7 / May 25, 2007
Janaina Tschäpe’s works include both paintings and photographs, but it is her continued use of latex, balloons and condoms that lends a sense of otherworldliness to her art. Sometimes Tschäpe will fill these up with helium, other times water will be employed, and models will be dressed in outfits composed of these elements. The women become bulbous and grotesque, but surrounded by a mysterious calm. Tubes bulge while bodies float or lay quietly.

Artist: Janaina Tschäpe
+ janainatschape.net

Janaina Tschäpe is currently exhibiting at Sikkema Jenkins in New York through June 22.


Lacrimacorpus (Ettersburg I)

Agua Viva 1


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