"Scarygirl - Episode 5"
by sabine7 / April 24, 2007
Not only is Nathan Jurevicius a great illustrator, he is the creator of Scarygirl, an abandoned baby who was cared for by the octopus that found her. This baby girl is groomed into a happy little pirate who heads off on adventures with Blister the octopus and her Toycat and other jazzy friends, like Bunniguru, the traveling oracle. Of course, there is some dark mystery surrounding Scarygirl’s past … Who are some of Nathan Jurevicius’ influences? Miro, Gaudi, Bosch and Dr. Seuss, to name but a few. Scarygirl figures prominently in her own comic series as well as a line of vinyl Scarygirl toys. Sigh. Something else to want.

Artist: Nathan Jurevicius
+ scarygirl.com

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