"Poppy: Barr's White, New York, 1968"
by sabine7 / February 5, 2007

In Flower is a collection of flower studies made between 1967 and 2006 by 89-year-old photographer Irving Penn. What you see is what you get – Penn has captured the flowers at a variety of stages and is as respectful of each one even when the bloom is off the rose. The passage of time is marked with clarity and objectivity. Penn approaches vitality and mortality without cliché. The result is a striking bouquet of strong and deeply individualistic flowers, not a shrinking violet amongst the bunch.

Artist: Irving Penn
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In Flower runs through February 17th at the Pace/Macgill Gallery in New York.

Iceland Poppy/ Papaver nudicaule (E), New York, 2006

Anemone/Anemone coronaria: Inra Blue, New York, 2006


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