"The World is Yours"
by sabine7 / April 18, 2006

Christopher (or C.K.) Wilde is a collagist who creates with currency. Wilde painstakingly cuts various shapes out of paper money from around the world to form collages with economic and political undertones and overlays. The relationship between art and commerce is another theme that cannot be avoided when an artist cuts and pastes with money. Wilde bases a lot of his works on found images that he develops into his own compositions, which he will lay down on museum board before skillfully applying his umpteen bits of currency so that they abut in order to keep to the ideal of an even surface. The resulting puzzle is then sealed with wax. A tidy alternative to keeping it under the mattress.

Artist: C.K. Wilde
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wilde_surreal_estate2_apr_0.jpg wilde_surreal_det_apr_06.jpg
Surreal Estate, Part Two / Surreal Estate, Part Two (detail)

Against the Common Good


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