"Acid Green Piece LS1"
by sabine7 / November 28, 2005

German artist Sofi Zezmer creates vibrant sculptures of plastic and metal, inspired by biochemistry, quantum mechanics, space travel and genetic stem cell research. These complex ideas are often represented by materials as simple as badminton shuttlecocks, in brights such as lime, orange, red, pink and yellow. Scientific models are certainly what jump to mind when Zezmer’s work is presented, but there is also something anatomical or even undersea about some of her pieces. The marriage of art and science in Zezmer’s work results in a joyfully MoCo effect.

Artist: Sofi Zezmer
+ mikeweissgallery.com

Sofi Zezmer's show, Phase Shift, is on at the Gregory Lind Gallery in New York until November 30.

Acid Green Piece LS1

Nel-Lux Pink LS1 - detail

Nel-Lux Pink LS1

Tetric Spring LS1


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