"Untitled (perfectionist)"
by sabine7 / November 18, 2005

The photos of Sarah Hobbs reflect a variety of psychological states that are first researched by the artist, then carefully staged in her studio. Untitled (perfectionist) shows the contrast between the hope of the tidy stack of paper on the desk and the frustration embodied by the mass of crumpled paper all around it. Untitled (obsessiveness) is a room seemingly painted in dripping chocolate, a heap of empty chocolate bar wrappers the mark of the obsession. Each of Hobbs’ scenes is an exaggerated representation of pure emotion playing itself out, like an entire room papered in pairs of eyes to show paranoia or an outfit blending into the wallpaper to signify social phobia. Her work is at once entertaining and revealing, forcing the viewer to take a look inside both the scene and oneself. Wonder what euphoria would look like?

Artist: Sarah Hobbs
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Untitled (obsessiveness)

Untitled (indecisiveness)

Untitled (memory loss)

Untitled (vanity)


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