"Red Mitten"
by sabine7 / August 4, 2005

Amy Rice is a Minneapolis artist who makes prints using large plastic stencils that she designs and cuts, using a variety of paints (watercolour, acrylic, spray paint, house paint) to fill in the colour. Her backgrounds are not only canvas, but can be anything from cupboard doors to barn shingles as well. Rice’s work is full of whimsy; recurring motifs are pears, teapots, cupcakes and cherry blossoms. Starring characters are pig-tailed little girls, bunnies named Ed and Flo, the brave new chicken, an assortment of sheep (or perhaps the same one) and Fisher Price toys, sometimes winged. Looking at an assortment of Amy Rice’s work is like opening a box of bonbons. Bliss.

Artist: Amy Rice
+ rosaluxgallery.com

red_king_aug_05.jpg brave_new_chicken_aug_05.jpg
Red King / Brave New Chicken

Celeste Bike, Polka Dot Bag


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