Plastic Bag Chandelier
by sabine7 / April 15, 2005

All of Dan Steinhilber’s works are untitled, but not unrecognizable, as he works with a wide variety of easily accessible everyday objects. Steinhilber's signature media mix involves the combination of plastics (tubing, bubble wrap, bags, etc.) with liquids (soda pop, duck sauce, dish soap, etc.). Banal? Maybe. However, when a reviewer was asked to lie down on the floor below the above sculpture made from kitchen trash bags woven together with twist ties and kept aloft through the use of a shop vac, the resulting impression was akin to being beneath the belly of a many-uddered goddess.

Artist: Dan Steinhilber

Exhibition opens today, April 15, at the Numark Gallery in Washington, DC, and runs until May 28.
Grab bar, shampoo bottles, artificial colouring

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