Light Is A Vector by Arnout Meijer
by Harry / November 6, 2014

Light is a vector is sculpture that challenges our understanding of light.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Details: Shaped like a rectangular box and composed of acrylic and LEDs, the Light Is A Vector sculpture emits light in patterns that, when viewed from different angles, changes the appearance of the sculpture.


"Faced head on we capture a geometrical pattern that stretches toward our personal black hole." says the designer. "But when seen from an angle, the shapes depths distort and merge into each other. You constitute the image you look at by looking at it."


Part of an ongoing research by Meijer into the way we perceive light, Light Is A Vector manipulates the way light behaves to create "intangible shapes that deceive our understanding of space and new images emerge."


The project was developed as part of the Dutch Invertuals exhibition Cohesion during Dutch Design Week 2014.



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