Scales Wall Tiles by Mut Design
by Harry / November 3, 2014

Scales Wall Tiles mimic the reflective quality of fish scales.

Details: A bright alternative to conventional ceramic tiling by MUT Design, Scales is a wall-covering inspired by "Those little lightning bolts we sometimes happen to see in shallow waters", imitating the feeling of vibrating movement transmitted by the sheeny skin of fishes when they ripple under water.

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The effect is achieved by angling the top surface of the tile so that two of four sides are higher. The edges of the higher sides are painted with a vivid colour that then reflects on adjacent tiles.


"The color on the rear side tinges the white smooth surface of every piece once they get together." says Mut. "When assembled, the pieces suddenly make the optical miracle happen: some of them naturally irradiate colorful sparkles over the others, thus dying their former white epidermis."


Source: Photos and video by Asier Rua. Designed for Peronda. Via MOCO Submit.






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