Well Light by Štefan Nosko & Katarína Belièková
by Harry / October 30, 2014

Like at a water well, manually lower this light to change the intensity of blue.

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Details: Inspired by traditional water wells, MEJD Studio borrowed the principle of the simple wooden handle mechanism that winds rope to, in this instance, change the distance of bulbs inside a glass container (like a bucket descending into water).


As the bulb descends into the glass, the gradient blue or sanded matte becomes more opaque and intense.


The lights were made at Ajeto, a renowned Czech glass workshop. The glass containers were blown into a wooden mould and then drilled in upper part for the handle.


The handle parts are made of maple oiled wood combined with brass elements. The bulb socket is turned brass which makes it heavier and easier going for the up and down motion in a straight line.


Textile cable references the ropes used for winding in real water wells.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.


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