Boarded Floor Table by Steven Schreurs and Thomas Roelandts
by Harry / October 27, 2014

Designed by architects, this table is held up with "floor joists".

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Details: Created by Belgian architects Marge, the Boarded Floor Table brings the floor up to the users with its joist-like under structure because "Tables are there for -like decency has it- not having to eat off the floor".


Like a patch of floor on legs, the table top is made of sustainable Polish Pine Plywood, including the longitudinal and transversal beams underneath.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.




"Tables are there for -like decency has it- not having to eat off the floor. And if we don't want to go down to the floor, the table will bring the floor up to us. But on legs. If a lot of people gather around this table, it keeps getting bigger and bigger, until the table becomes a patch of floor. On legs.

A wooden boarded floor which gathers all the weight and deflects it to its legs, its outer points. First there are the longitudinal beams, those are sturdy and large, you can even see them in the upper surface. And in the other direction, the transversal beams. Less tall, because then you can place boards between the long beams. Completely make out of plywood; nice pattern and also sustainable. A table to eat of the floor.

The table is completely made out of Polish Pine Plywood, a cheap and sustainable material that has the typical plywood layering visible on the sides. The design plays with the alternation between the nice pattern of the Polish Pine, and the layered pattern of the different veneer strips on the sides. You can see the layers of the beams between the boards of the tabletop.

The legs are detachable and simply connected to the tabletop with bolts and wing nuts, a raw and honest way of showing how the table can be constructed. The top of the table is cerused white, using an old technique that was once used with chalk leftovers from people chalking their interior walls."

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