Writers House by Dave Keune and HeyHeydeHaas
by Harry / October 17, 2014

Slices of the Writers house serve various functions that enable its user to communicate when he is in... or out.

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Details: Designed by Dave Keune based on a concept by HeyHeydeHaas, this small writers house for Dutch author Marcel Osterop was created as a place to work and meet his audience. It's located in Eindhoven's Parktheater, part of a downtown theatre complex.


Composed of four similar frames that have different functions, it can divided and easily moved by hand, rearranged the way the writer wants, open or closed, sliced or turned.


The house frame is constructed of steel "to make it strong and suitable to attach various materials on." says Keune. "Besides metal we used waterproof mdf, lexan plate and corkboard to create a typical functional design. One piece can be moved by 2 persons or by a hand truck."


The four frames include: 1) an entrance door/ cupboard with various doors to exhibit pieces, 2) a table with display, by pulling out the table the light elevates so the user can walk through, 3) shelves that can open to both sides and closed with a rotating board that includes cork or chalkboard, 4) has no function other than letting through the light and offering space for stuff.


Source: Photos by Mike Roelofs, renders by studio Dave Keune.


+ heyheydehaas.com
+ davekeune.com


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