Collection Y Furniture by Jordi López Aguiló and Nicolas Perot
by Harry / October 2, 2014

Geometric steel rods embrace solid wood surfaces in this simple but elegant furniture collection.

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Details: The Collection, by Kutarq, is made up of three products: Y Side Table, Console Y (shown above) and Bedside Cube.


"All the members of the family are clean shaped and minimal structured, in which geometric steel rods embrace solid wood surfaces creating simple but elegant functionality." say the designers.


Console Y: "With its independent steel frame, the 'Console Y' body looks almost like it is floating. The Y shaped metal frame gives a touch of originality to this versatile piece, both suitable to furnish a living space or dividing it."



Y side table: "Based on purely geometric forms, this everyday use table is the little sister of Console Y, retaining the signature of the Y shaped steel rod frame. The edges of its solid oak surfaces have been sanded giving a smoother aspect."



Bedside Cube: "The bedside Cube combines a colored squared low table and a solid oak cube that looks trapped by the table. These combination of volumes leaves a small space for magazine and accessories storage. To facilitate compact shipping, the powder coated steel legs can be screwed off easily."


Source: Photos by Maria Mira Photography. Via MOCO Submit.


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