Vase of Vases by Maxim Velcovsky
by Harry / September 4, 2014

A collection of vases in a single vase, Maxim Velcovsky's Vase of Vases is cast from several iconic vases from the past.

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Details: The mold for Vase of Vases was created by casting several iconic vases of the past together into a single space. Thus, each Vase of Vases represents a collection of vases in a single form. When viewed from various angles, the vase always looks different.


Also on show at Křehký, the From One vase by Michaela Tomišková / Dechem

Vase of Vases is part of "Křehký", an exhibition at Gallery Sofie Lachaert on now until September 28, 2014, with a selection of works by 13 designers from Prague art design Gallery Křehký. "Originally an installation project of Czech master glass and porcelain designers in 2007, Křehký has always presented new products from Czech and foreign designers that are hand-made in the best Czech factories." says Gallery Sofie Lachaert.


From One vase by Michaela Tomišková, vases of various colors are blown from one wooden mold and are subsequently cut to pieces and put back together

Photos: Kristina Hrabetova.

Glass and porcelain on display at Křehký includes works by Jiří Pelcl, Maxim Velčovský, Alfredo Häberli, Olgoj Chorchoj, Klára Šumová, Daniel Piršč, Richard Hutten, Yveta Kroupová, Tomáš Král, Lucie Koldová & Dan Yeffet, Vratislav Šotola. Michaela Tomišková / Dechem and Gabriel Vach / Hidden Factory.


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